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Visit us at 1638 Cyrville Rd. across from Home Depot!
Visit us at 1638 Cyrville Rd. across from Home Depot!
What's in your stash?

What's in your stash?

One of the worst feelings in the world is showing up to a function and not being prepared. In the world of cannabis, it’s the same thing. Today, we caught up with our Shop Manager, Fletcher to walk us through his stash must haves and his tips and tricks for always being prepared.

Ridgeburn: We get a lot of curious and new consumers at our shop. How do you educate and help them create the perfect stash?

Fletcher: I would love to say it's self-explanatory, but I’m going to say it anyway, because once upon a time I was in the same boat. First and foremost, you need to make sure you have your weed, flower, herb, bud, cannabis - which ever one of these names resonates with you. Now that we have the obvious one out of the way, let’s get to what you should have with you, so you don’t look awkward at a party, concert or any type of social gathering (if covid wasn’t in play).

Let’s dive a little deeper into papers, because whether you’re new or very experienced, everyone has their favourites! One of my personal favourites, that you can always find at our shop is “Zig Zag Wetproof”. If you're an outdoors person and you so happen to be caught in the rain, you might be wet but your “bud” stays lit and dry.

There are so many different brands of papers and different types. A few examples are hemp papers, cones, hemp cones, palm leaf cones and ultra-thins. You can even use a tobacco leaf - we call those blunts! But I know you’re smart, so you already knew that one. They can come in different sizes as well, such as single-wide, 1 ¼”, 1 ½-, double wide and king. I always recommend you try them all, so you know which paper you personally enjoy the most. 

Ridgeburn: Awesome, you definitely know your bud! Now that we have our cannabis and rolling papers, how do we get it lit?

Fletcher: As you’ve figured out by now, to be able to enjoy your “bud” you need to roll it and have a source of fire or light. Whether you’ve rolled a joint, have a pipe, a bowl from a bong, are smoking a bubbler or hitting a dab rig, you need to be able to light it to be able to reap its benefits.

If you’re smoking a dab rig for example, you’d need a torch. If you were smoking a joint, pipe, bubbler or bong you’d need a lighter or matches. If none of those interest you at all and you’re more of a health conscious person, you could light a hemp wick and then light your bowl, pipe or joint with the hemp wick.

Using a hemp wick is also a good way to keep all the great tasting flavours! Another method you can enjoy your “bud” without any of these items for camping or on the go is a dry herb vaporizer. Some products I would recommend are Yocan, Gpen, Pulsar, Pax, Arizer, or Davinci. They take about .25g -.33g in their bowls which is enough for about 3-4 decent hits before you have to empty the bowl and reload for another hit. Some of the popular brands like Pax, Gpen & Yocan offer not only flower options to smoke but also concentrates (Now, I won't get ahead of myself - we will cover concentrates on another day!)

Ridgeburn: Wow! Thanks, Fletcher!  Let's have a quick recap!

Fletcher: Sure! Let’s review them one more time. If you want to roll a joint, make sure you have yourself some papers, filter and a lighter.

You can also smoke using a different method such as a pipe, bong or bubbler. Don't forget, if you want to maintain the flavour of your cannabis, always keep hemp wick in your stash as well.

If you are an on-the-go person and don’t want to carry any of those items except your “bud”, bring with you a dry herb vaporizer.

All of these items and more are easily accessible at our shop and if you do require any help making any decisions or have questions about the products we carry, please do feel free to ask myself (Fletcher) or any of our friendly budtenders at Ridgeburn Cannabis Shop. 

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