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Visit us at 1638 Cyrville Rd. across from Home Depot!
Visit us at 1638 Cyrville Rd. across from Home Depot!
What are Terpenes?

What are Terpenes?

Now that cannabis is legal, there are a lot of new terms kicking around like Cannabinoids, The Entourage Effect, Trichomes and TERPENES. As we continue to learn and study this amazing plant and its powers, we learn more and more that Cannabis shouldn't just be focused on THC alone.

Let us introduce you to the GAME CHANGER that is known as Terpenes, or as we fondly call them - Terps!

Terpenes are natural oils that are secreted from almost everything providing aromas and tastes. That's right folks, the smell that blows your mind when you first open your new product are the Terpenes and they are way more important than you think. 

It's been scientifically proven that terpenes are much more than just the tastes and aromas in your cannabis and finding the right terpenes for you can actually help improve your high as well as possibly produce other effects.

For example, one of the more recognizable terpenes, Limonene not only has a pleasant zesty and citrusy taste and smell but also has the potential to elevate your mood. In addition, it could also provide stress relieving effects among other benefits. That's just one of the 100 possible terpenes you can find in your cannabis!

All Terpenes have their own signature scent, taste and possible effects. It all really just comes down to you as an individual and finding what works best for you because terpenes can affect each person in a different way!

Next time you make a purchase at Ridgeburn, ask us about terpenes or explain what kind of effects you are looking for and our knowledgeable, friendly budtenders will be able to help find the right strain for you. 

Don't forget, when it comes to cannabis, gone are the days of HIGH THC being the most important aspect. Focus on how you want to feel because the best way to do so is, and we quote a certain popular cereal icon “Just Follow Your Nose”.

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